Eileen Smith

Motivational speaker Transformation coach

"Might becomes mighty when you change your perspective."


Eileen is a qualified life coach and Neuro Linguistic Programmer (NLP). She is the founder of the Emotional Baggage Depot. A platform that provides a safe space that drives dialogue and ignites conversation through the integration of NLP techniques. She has held notable talks at corporate conferences, sales training workshops, school children assemblies, young professionals gatherings, religious seminars and women organisations.

In addition Eileen runs a mentorship programme, directed at growing the self esteem and realisation of young girls. As a transformation coach, Eileen uses an engaging approach that is conversational and drives impact.

Her soft, yet powerful presence will have any audience lean into a deeper understanding of who they are. As a brilliant communicator, her talks are emotive, encouraging and moving. She assists with goal setting and eliminating limiting beliefs. Her work also teaches the importance of living a full happy life and being mindful of creating balance.

Eileen has over 13 years of business experience and has been consulting for over four years.

She holds a Life coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) diploma.


The value in this is that the audience can have a mental shift, from a perspective component. When  people think they are stuck they get STUCK on those things that they think is there and in doing so believe there is no way out and a lot of times that’s just a thought, the only way OUT is THROUGH.

Her talks are engaging, motivational and inspiring.

Video- A message for the mighty girls (mighty girls SA mentor-Mentee 2018 event)


Eileen has over 12 years of business experience and found her passion in consulting over 3 years ago when  we owned a medical supplies company.

 She hosts sales training, workshops, assists with goal setting and eliminating limiting beliefs. 

Her work also teaches the importance of living a full happy life and being mindful of creating balance.

The Focus

Most teams have challenges however more than often the solution is often found in the challenge. My group coaching will assist the team to create a sense of unity and help with goal setting and open communication. Rapport building techniques and sales techniques.


Be Accountable

You would have to take accountability for the things that you say you are going to do. This is a serious professional relationship that requires commitment, determination and resources. When you make the decision to change that will put you into gear and affect the change. In order to benefit from my services, it would require you to be proactive.



The Focus

There is something unique about coaching that is different than just advice giving and information. My focus is on taking you from a functional level to an optimal level. Squeeze every last drop of potential out of you. My coaching is done once a week, can be done on the phone, skype or in person. This allows us to follow up on progress or when you feel need to.


The value in this is you will change your mind. When we change the way we view the world the world around us changes.

Are You Stuck?

At times we do not realise that the feeling of being “stuck” is due to limiting beliefs that are unconscious so we not even aware of how we are sabotaging our thoughts. These are beliefs, ideas and thoughts that are literary getting in the way of us achieving what we want to achieve. By us working together to get through these limiting beliefs you are able to get in-touch with what these are and push through them and break through, so you actually have the ability to go and get what you want from life.

Create Your Own Life

The unconscious mind is not out to get you but rather to GET FOR YOU what ever you want in life. If you believe you are stuck, It will get you just that! Its not about fixing its about CREATING the life you want.


Change is not comfortable, you would need to have intention and a desire to change in order to break through your comfort zone.

“Perspective gives us a clear view.
Everything that affects you is due to what you have attached meaning to. Life is a series of events, do not get stuck in an event.”

-Eileen Smith 

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