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“EileenForward into my purpose”

eileen smith

Eileen Smith is a sought after, top rated Keynote Motivational Speaker. She was born in Zambia and raised in South Africa. From early on, Eileen showed an acumen for business and at the age of 19 she started working for an Asset Management Solutions company.

Eileen then spent 7 years as the manager of a busy shopping centre, allowing her to gain an in-depth knowledge of property and retail. Looking for a new challenge, Eileen then became the business owner of a small coffee shop and a medical supplies company where she assisted Netcare in furnishing the first hospital in Vilanculos, Mozambique. This urged her to open a consulting company where she consulted for various companies.

But then her life changed drastically and took a turn in 2016,

“I had the rug pulled from under me, in fact it was pulled and tugged. I fell hard, I thought I would never get up again after this fall.”

Every mothers worst nightmare became Eileen’s reality when her first born passed away at the tender age of 12 in January 2016 , he had sudden brain aneurysm.

Due to her strong persona people thought that due to her survival she was the position to give advice until she came across a post that read; “Life coaches DO NOT GIVE ADVICE . Because advice comes at a cost. Can you take accountability for your advice?”

Soon after discovering this she set out to complete her life coaching course and obtained her NLP Diploma. In doing so Eileen discovered her WHY and speaking is one of her ways of making sure her why changed lives and minds.

“I have come to know that you can have life after a dark period, and there is no such thing as failure only feedback.

Imagine if we focused more on the quality and not the quantity? I shifted my focus to the quality, the moments I had with my son and at that very moment my prison doors that I built in pain were open. My memories that once held me captive became my freedom.”

Eileen’s talks are captivating and moving. She manages to reach a wide audience, her life’s journey, trials and come backs have not only changed her but changed how she sees the world.

“We say we are broken but in fact we are weak. Not broken and when you are weak you pause, rest and get back up again.”

Eileen Smith

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