Eileen Smith

"The strong survive when they learn how to rise  after they have been wounded." 

I had to change my mind in order to change my life Change your’s now.


My season became my reason

I thought I was a tough cookie. Resilient and very hard working wife and mother of 3, However it didn’t matter how often I bounced back. Nothing could have prepared me for January 2016! I got stuck.

I felt like a wounded bird that had to look after her nest but didn’t know how.

And so my journey began, seasons remained the same until I opened my umbrella and turned my season into my reason to share. We all have a story, mine became my purpose.

my why

“I discovered my why when I gained a better understanding of what I went through, and that is when I began to unpack.

I now know that we are not what has happened to us, we are what we choose to make of it. 

I love helping  people change their perspective, I know first hand that change is possible. When we adjust our lenses. 

I lost my son at the tender age of 12 in January 2016 to a sudden brain aneurysm, during the peak of my divorce.

Nothing made sense until the penny dropped- Life is a series of events.”

How I Work​

There is something unique about coaching and story sharing while using NLP techniques that is different than just advice giving and information. My focus is on taking people from a functional level to an optimal level. Squeeze every last drop of potential out of them. 

I am available for one on one coaching as well. My coaching is done once a week, can be done on the phone, skype or in person. 

What My Clients Say

You have inspired me to be the best me. Opened up my mind to the possibility of the future. Thank you! Your work is amazing.
Alicia Kci Stevens
I have been an entrepreneur almost my entire life and during these times I never thought I will use a life coach. Am so glad to the universe that I have discovered you. After our first session, I can now have a clear path to how am going to scale my business. Looking forward to our next session Thank you again.
Kizito Nantcha
Thank you so much for our sesson today Eileen . Going in with no expectations was the best thing I could have done for,because it made me receptive to the process. I like that it didn't feel like the quintessential therapy session and that I walked away having answered a lot of questions by myself...for myself. Thank you! Looking forward to the next one!
Keke Matlou
Thank you so much by helping me see life in a different light.
Nicholas Smith
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